The Perfect Gift

How your “thank you” goes twice as far

I am a stubborn, curmudgeonly man. So when my sweet wife Marcia was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October 2011, I didn’t really know how to react. Everything happened so fast.

Our lives immediately began to revolve around oncologists, chemo, hospital stays . . . and by March 2012, near our 26th wedding anniversary, home hospice care. On April 12, 2012, we renewed our wedding vows. Less than a month later, my lovely lady was gone. Time is so finite.

I am deeply grateful that I found CaringBridge a few days before Marcia’s hospice care began, as we waited for the results of a CT scan. As Marcia’s caregiver, CaringBridge provided me with a place to vent and share the valuable information needed to update our friends and family. After her passing, it became a place to journal, to work through my feelings and to learn to better myself through her example.

In the most difficult time of my life, CaringBridge softened this curmudgeon, while it also made me stronger.

I still update my Journal, sometimes as part of my grieving and sometimes to inform my community of news related to Marcia and her wishes. It’s always here when I need it.

So I wondered, how could I say thank you? Last September, I visited CaringBridge in person and met the caring, dedicated staff. I saw how worthy they are of your charitable giving and mine. I decided that I would give up to $25,000 to match every donation from other CaringBridge users, like you, for the last two days of 2013.

Many people think CaringBridge is supported by corporate donations or by ads (when have you ever seen an ad on CaringBridge?). The truth is, it’s all made possible by individuals like you and me who want to be sure CaringBridge continues to be here for anyone who needs it.

Will you “let gratitude be your attitude” and join me to say thank you to CaringBridge right now? Your gift will give more people the opportunity to share their stories in 2014. Remember, I’ll double every dollar of your gift until year-end towards the overall fundraising goal of $1 million. Join me in keeping CaringBridge strong this year!

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